Wanted in AB Politics: A Backbone of Principles

by David Biltek

Derek Fildebrandt of the Canadian Taxpayers Association wants a: “Full Judicial Inquiry”

Danielle Smith the Wildrose Leader wants a public inquiry to expose the “rot”.

Opposition parties and some members of the PC Caucus are calling on Finance Minister Horner to resign  see full story

Raj Sherman leader of the Alberta Liberals will ask for an emergency debate in the Legislature over the “misleading statements ” (which is parliamentary language for lying) made by Hancock and Horner earlier this year concerning the flights

and why? to expose the rot as Smith says, or to hold accountable those who abused power?

Not to be out done Interim Premier Hancock is sending the whole affair and the report from the Auditor General to the RCMP to see if there is any criminal wrong doing.

and MLA from GP Wapiti Wayne Drysdale, also Minister of Infrastructure says he is “disappointed ” with the report…no doubt since he was listed as one of the MLAs on one of the inappropriate flights in the AG’s report. A flight on October 25th, 2012 from Edmonton to Grande Prairie where they were to make some announcements about the new hospital and coincidentally there was a PC party fundraiser that night.

and not to be outdone, MLA from GP Smokey, Everett McDonald also on the flight says he has nothing to apologize for, he came here for the announcement, which seems to be missing in action, some even Minister Fred Horne say the press announcement was delayed and all he did was chat with some reporters when he landed. So what we is Redford, Drysdale, McDonald, Horne, Donna Kennedy Glans, plus a few other minor cabinet ministers, MLAs and staff took a government aircraft to GP to chat with a few reporters and oh yes attend the PCs fundraising Leaders Dinner that night.

Meanwhile Jim Prentice says there is no need for any of this and that if Premier he will tighten the rules and get rid of the fleet of planes owned by the Government of Alberta

while Rick McIver another PC leadership candidate says having an public or judicial inquiry would show “disrespect for the auditor general, a new found respect for the AG?

and we have Donna Kennedy Glans who left the PC Caucus on March 17th is now apologizing saying: “I did not make sufficient inquiries about the logistics of the flight that evening” . By the way Glans is MLA from Calgary West and at the time of the flight to GP was Minister for Renewable Energy…I guess she too had urgent government business that night in GP?

Inquiries, RCMP investigations, emergency debates, promises of rule changes, squirming apologies and denials….and the only comment that makes any sense in all of this is from the Auditor General:

” You can’t write a rule for everything, someone will find a a way around it. Ultimately, people have to be governed by principles…what;s needed is a backbone of principles , not a corset of rules”

I know of some businesses who have no rule books, no policies, when asked about this they produce a copy of the Ten Commandments

and another I know is governed by : “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

and yet another whose direction to the company employees is: you may do anything you want to help a customer so long as it is not illegal, immoral or fattening

Everything we have seen and heard for years from the PCs contravenes all of these very simple yet concise directives…

Mervan Saher is absolutely right…what is needed is a backbone of principles

and that is what we need to look for in the people  we elect to govern.