Blame Alison, Blame Alison…as sung by the Simpsons or rather the pee cees

by David Biltek

Tonight in advance of the Auditor General’s Report, interim Premier David Hancock announced he will be asking the RCMP to conduct an investigation into wrong doing by former Premier Alison Redford, he said:

“Based on what I have read in the report, and after seeking legal advice, as soon as the report is publicly available tomorrow, I will be directing the minister of justice and solicitor general to refer this matter to the RCMP for their review and any investigations that they consider appropriate,”

This action is another attempt, and a not so subtle one to divert public attention away from the role played by a supportive, and willing Cabinet and Caucus and put all the blame and talk of entitlement onto Redford.

Earlier today the President of the pee cees added to the pile by issuing a statement of very mixed messages but with one clear intent: BLAME IT ON ALISON…they could get the Simpsons to sing the song. the letter from President Jim McCormick follows:

“It is with mixed feelings the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta learns of the resignation of Alison Redford as MLA for Calgary-Elbow.

Her Premiership started off with such promise, and coming out of a strong victory in 2012, Albertans were excited and engaged at the potential for our province.
She showed this early in her tenure, as Alberta’s economy continued to be the envy of Canada and a force on the world stage. 
Unfortunately, it was her own personal choices that led to her demise. 

She is alleged to have broken government rules, and taxpayer dollars were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. She has paid a personal and political price for her mistakes, and we appreciate her decision to take responsibility for her actions. 
This circumstance won’t happen again.
We are in the midst of an important leadership race right now to replace her as Leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta and, by extension, Premier of Alberta.  The PCAA and, indeed, all three leadership candidates, have made their positions very clear  behaviour such as this cannot and will not be tolerated.​
The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta is more than one person.  It has a membership and supporters that are Albertans of a broad spectrum, from all walks of our society, one where honesty, integrity and service to building and strengthening our community — things that Alberta PC governments are known for — are paramount.”

 The  intent and timing of both these actions are unlikely just coincidental. The intent is clear, blame everything on Alison and w=once it is before the RCMP it would be inappropriate to discuss this for fear of disrupting the investigation. so not only blame Alison but now we should not even talk about it. So all the support by Caucus, the over 70% support she received at a convention after the election, the fact that Department of Finance officials were aware of the schemes and as such likely that then and now Treasurer Doug Horner was also aware…all of this is now pointing to a CULTURE OF ENTITLEMENT that was and is rife throughout the pee cees , all f this is now Alison’s fault and we cannot comment…

Tom Flanagan in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail said today that the attacks on Redford by her own party demeaned Alberta and was in essence a “witch hunt”…an expression which perfectly fits what i have been saying…it is her fault we are simple blameless folks be taken in by the witch…and although I have seldom agreed with Tom Flanagan on this matter i think he is right

His full comments may be seen here “demeans Alberta”

This strategy and tactics by the brain trust in the pee cees is indeed demeaning, cruel and exactly what one expects from a party who feels entitled to lead and to sack the public purse.


and…what do you think?



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