Is Alison Really that Evil?

by David Biltek

Another week and more reports about former Premier Alison Redford abusing her position of authority and misusing public funds.

Is she really that evil?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It seems every week there is another story making her out as a villain. When she was fdoreced from office, members of her caucus told how mean she was, imperious, and never met with some of them .And this weeks story about seats on her plane being block booked to ensure limited people would have access to her all appear to confirm the earlier statements about how she behaved while Premier.

But why are we hearing about all of this now? Why are these reports being leaked to the media? Why in particular Charles Rusnell of CBC?

In the past the PC caucus and the staff that supported them including many members of the bureaucracy were water tight, nothing, not even a squeak was leaked; but now…it never rains but it pours.

Maybe the worms have turned. Maybe.

But I suggest that this is being done intenionally. The political mandarins in the PeeCees are intentionally laking this information to heap all the bad news on Allison, so that the new Premier, read Jim Prentice will have a clean slate, and be able in the words of King Ralph be able to say: ” That was then, this is now”

They want Alberans to believe that there is no “culture of entitlement” as many in opposition say but simply one bad, evil leader, who we dismissed and now that she is gone we are ok, we are still the fiscally responsible, good managers we always were.

Is it working? No, but did they have any options?

This strategy will leave Jim Prentice a clearer field of action…maybe, but more about that later.

and what do you think?