Waiting for results #1

by David Biltek

Watch the Institutional poll which will likely be first counted and released.

Radbourne, Rice and Croken did well in this poll. Mclean came in fourth. If they do not do well here it could portend changes in the end results.

Turnout has NOT been brisk, estimated total eligible voters is just over 40,000. 

The advance poll was up 20% at a little over 900 ballots being cast. Part of that increase is population growth. Our population grew by 10% since 2010.

Bottom line is we MAY see a turnout of 25%, which would be a small increase over 2010. That would mean about 10,000 votes cast.

If this is the case the successful candidate for Mayor would need about 5000 votes. and we can expect about 56,000 “votes” cast for Councillors