A NEW Poll plus Updates, News and Comments

by David Biltek

There are some very interesting things happening in the election:

For one the Candidates “LIKE” each other, every day on Facebook they are “liking” each other and liking each others’ comments! It is distressing, where is the name calling?, the calling into question of ethics?, or challenging the abilities or competencies?…Well, except Logan saying there is a financial mess at City Hall, and Blackmore saying the problems at the Crystal Centre belong to The Administration, and MacDougall and Logan raising questions about Aquatera and its services…well that is about it, but as the saying goes a Week is a Long Time in politics and we still have a little better than one week left so expect some fireworks

Great commentary by Daryl  on GPVOTES. CA. In his latest post he analyses a 2005 vote on Council about increasing taxes. In a previous post he goes through why there are such differences in tax rates among several Alberta Cities and in some way explains the GP Tax rate. This is well researched analysis. well worth the read. Click here for the article Watch his website, he is working on some more articles.

Bill Given answers the question: “What have you done for me lately?” on his Facebook page. It is his record of the last three years as Mayor.

and Rory Tarant demonstrates my comment about “Liking” other candidates in his post about two Councillors: True Leaders

and a new Blog by Eric Burton where he offers his thoughts about election strategies and tactics, click here for the blog: Mr GrandePrairie

and David Hewing took great exception to Dwight Logan’s remarks about the Financial mess at the City (for Dwight’s remarks in my post:  Has the Election Gone to the Dogs plus a Fixer of Financial Messes). Hewing’s remarks are the first response to this post, scroll to the end to read what he has to say.

and CandiDATE has launched a Youth Voting Campaign, see what they have to say at: CandiDATE

Important Dates: 

Friday, October 11 Kevin Mclean is throwing a Party: an Election Party  at DUKES starring Jimmy Flynn,  click here for all THE DETAILS AND AN INVITATION, and if you do not know who Jimmy Flynn is, click here for to learn more about this funny guy

October 16, Grande Prairie Municipal Election YOUTH Forum: 630 to 8:30PM, GPRC Cafeteria Details Here

October 17th The Chamber of Commerce All Candidates ForumClick here for the details

Advance Voting starts Friday 11th  from 11AM to 7PM at City Hall and again on Saturday Oct 12, and Friday 18, and Saturday 18, same times

and the BIG DAY Monday October 21 Election Day. For all information on when and where to vote: Voting Information


For Mayor…vote for one

For Council, Vote for up to 8, or a lower number

And What are the Top Issues Influencing Your Decision

The following appear the issues most often mentioned, or raised in discussions.

Vote for as many as you want

the listings are randomized, that is order rearranges automatically. Vote ONLY Once.

Results will be revealed Tuesday October 15.