A Taxing Issue and Show and Tell Time By Candidates

by David Biltek

Taxes: Everyone is talking about them , but as the saying goes nobody is doing anything about them.

But what’s to do?

Some background

Many people , not only candidates in this election complain that their City Taxes are too high. Really, this is news?, Have there ever been taxes that were too low?

We all pay taxes, GST, Income, fuel, alcohol (and maybe some pay more here), tobacco, Provincial taxes, school taxes, corporate taxes, and on and on….oh yes we also pay property taxes…but those taxes, the ones everyone complains are TOO high, well they represent all of 8 – 9% of ALL TAXES we pay. CITY TAXES are only EIGHT to NINE PERCENT of ALL TAXES we pay

Let’s look for a moment at these taxes: a House assessed at $329,800 in 2013. Taxes were $4335.12 of which $813.48 was School Taxes, all of which goes straight to the Provincial Government for schools, leaving $3261.75 for Municipal Taxes or $8.93/day

For a couple of large double doubles and a cruller you get police and fire services and street lighting, even if that is all, I think it is a good bargain and when I add Muskoseepi Park, plus the trails, and Eastlink Centre it just gets better. And I don’t use the Eastlink centre much, but I do the parks and the Art Gallery, which gets a small amount of city support. If I then add the support for the arenas (again which I don’t use but am happy they are there), and grants to festivals, plus even some removal, well I think it is a very good bargain.

By the way the taxes on that house in 2012 were $3249.53…an increase of  $12.30, or one buck a month.  Maybe its the house or ts location, but I do not see big increases here.

But that is me….what do you think?  

and here from (what has been sent to me) is what Some CANDIDATES THINK:

RORY TARANT explains the main plank of his platform: LIVABILITY:  http://www.rorytarant.com/Livability.html

ERIN STEIDEL sets forth her ideas on Downtown Development:  http://erinsteidel.com/policy

CHRIS THIESSEN shares his ideas, his “THOUGHTFUL IDEAS” on 3 CORE IDEAS: Affordable Housing, Managing Growth and Urban Food Creation Click here for details: http://www.electchristhiessen.com/ideas.htm


Advance Voting starts Friday  from 11AM to 7PM at City Hall and again on Saturday Oct 12, and Friday 18, and Saturday 189, same times

Meeting the CANDIDATES:

Thursday 10 AM to 11AM, Bill Given is at Laurels on 100 Avenue join him for coffee and a chat: https://www.facebook.com/votegiven

Thursday 630Pm to  to 830pm. ALL CANDIDATES at the Francophone school in Westpoint.

Friday October 11 Kevin Mclean is throwing a Party: an Election Party  at DUKES starring Jimmy Flynn,  click here for all THE DETAILS AND AN INVITATION, and if you do not know who Jimmy Flynn is, click here for to learn more about this funny guy

October 17th The Chamber of Commerce All Candidates ForumClick here for the details

A  Website: GPVOTES .CA all about the Municipal Election in Grande Prairie: click here for a link to GPVOTES.CA

Plus a Facebook page about Everything you needed to know about the election and APATHY IS BORING:  https://www.facebook.com/events/516090931815269/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

And for the Political geeks among us, This fellow always has some great insights into politics in Alberta: http://daveberta.ca/2013/10/edmonton-election-iveson-diotte-leibovici/

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