The Answer to Everything…

by David Biltek

Community and Politics

Density…yes density is the answer to just about everything.

Transit, roads, sidewalks, taxes, carbon emissions….yup just about everything.  If we just had more people living in a smaller space.

That is essentially density.

Think about it. If you could walk to work, walk to recreation facilities, or if the transit could come by more frequently, if the city could use the existing sewer and water systems more efficiently, if there were fewer roads to clean….everything would be affected…affected in a postive sense.

Right now the City, spends more on services to suburban residential areas, than they take in taxes. That’s right the City loses money on your house.

This does NOT mean that City administration is incompetent. It is the situation in almost every city in Canada. Seriously.

Just recently Edmonton completed a study about this and it concluded:


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