Has the Election Gone to the Dogs? plus a Defence and a Fixer of Financial Messes

by David Biltek

Has the election gone to the dogs?

First there was the poll, and we all know what Diefenbaker said about dogs and polls, and then there was that meeting at City Council.

…at the final  meeting of their term, Council discussed as  Justin Munroe reports: “Allocating capital funds for the development of 4 new off leash dog parks. The one proposed in the South Bear Creek Trail area is not going to be fenced
• New animal control bylaw. Huge update on this with lots of emphasis on responsible pet ownership, and a portion of licensing will be directed towards the Grande Prairie and District SPCA. Many other changes in this bylaw. with off leash areas for dogs  in the city. “

There was significant chatter about the off leash park, with runner, cyclists and dog owners are espousing their needs and some even claiming that GP dog owners were different than ALL others and were in fact neanderthals.   If it isn’t dogs it is hookers!

Anyway, I am a dog person and am now  “babysitting”, my oldest daughter’s dog who is here for a “falliday;  and we would very much like an off leash area where we could walk with the dog, as opposed to the faeces infected square of fenced land that now exists. Our experience in Victoria, where along Dallas Road there is a 2 km long off leash walk, is very good. The dogs all seem to get on, as do the walkers, and joggers. The path is restricted to dogs and walkers, cyclists and skateboarders are not welcome.

The solution in Grande Prairie may be to zone some of the many kilometers of trails. Some areas would be for everyone with dogs leashed, while other areas would be off leash, with no bicycles or skateboards, and other areas might give cyclists priority.  That along with some goodwill,  manners and respect for each other, might solve the challenges.


Kevin McLean defends his record: Click here to see what he has to say

Dwight Logan in a letter to his supporters (and approved for insertion here) sets forth his position as a “fixer” of financial messes: 

I see this as a crucial Election. Maybe not as crucial as the last one, but we know what happened to our City’s determent there! I need your help again! Your vote and your kind words.

I worked as a volunteer in Africa and travelled the world; but I always knew I would come home. When I did, I launched into community life, volunteering, and political life.

I started by running for City Council in 1983, and I was proud to be elected. I went on to serve two more terms as Alderman, and three terms as Mayor.

My specialty: fixing the City’s finances, and then ensuring that those finances are properly managed. Twice I cleaned up messes that had been created by other Mayors and Councils.

Now we have a financial mess at City Hall for a third time.

We have a badly deteriorating infrastructure. We have amongst the highest property taxes of any city in our Province. We have another mess!

I ask for your support. I ask for your vote. I ask for your supportive words amongst your friends and colleagues.

It’s time to get back to basics! Vote Logan for City Council!

Dwight Logan

****************** MORE ELECTION NEWS….

There is a New Website: GPVOTES .CA all about the Municipal Election in Grande Prairie: click here for a link to GPVOTES.CA

and the Chamber All Candidates Forum: Click here for the details October 17th

and  I am told there are possibly other ones in the works:

There is a candidate meet and greet October 10th 630pm to 830pm. Francophone school in Westpoint.

and The GPRC Students Association has been planning a forum for the 16th as well and  Safety City may well have one, more about these next week.

More forums would expose the candidates and citizens to each other and allow citizens to see how prospective Councillors think, behave and handle themselves

And a NEW Party…. and it is NOT a political party….sorry all you political nerds…Kevin McLean is throwing an Election Party on Friday Oct 11 starring Jimmy Flynn, at DUKES click here for all THE DETAILS AND AN INVITATION, and if you do not know who Jimmy Flynn is, click here for to learn more about this funny guy

and to the Candidates and their teams,  I have offered space to you in this blog…you know how to reach me.

And What do YOU think?, About Dogs? Defence of Records?, or Fixers of Financial messes