Candidates’ Two Cents on Taxes, Crystal Centre and Aquatera

by David Biltek

Some people were unhappy with the poll results but many more were simply interested, which was the point, that and to perhaps to motivate a candidate or three, and that also seems to have happened.

Despite an election that seems boring, there is considerable coffee chat, commenting online and it appears that things are heating up a little.

Over the last few days more and more people have been asking where they can find information about the election and  the candidates. Again I am hoping this might help.

From time to time over the next few weeks I will post links to candidate’s websites, Facebook pages, or blogs wherein they might say something interesting, like maybe a policy statement…Some will be submitted by candidates and some i will scrape from a site.

The first ones follow:

Rory Tarant on the City Budget , in this post Rory offers his “Two Cents” on the City budgeting process; outlines the questions he would ask….gives you some sense of how this man thinks.

Regarding  the Crystal Centre  Gladys Blackmore makes comments about a possible $44 million expenditure, and suggests what the problem is with the centre in this video: The Future of The Crystal Centre 

And  Bill Given answers a question: How he is going to reduce taxes

“The PROBLEM..” with Aquatera, Kim MacDougall asserts in her blog  “…is that there is little to no transparency with this company and a severe lack of initiative when it comes to cutting costs.” click here to read Kim MacDougall on Aquatera

Kim does also point out that Aquatera did respond in sorts on their website: click here to see Aquatera’s response

and What Do You Think?