What are the Issues in this Election and Who are you voting for?

by David Biltek

An early poll to assess who has early support. a later poll will be done in last week of election This may help candidates see how they are doing and re direct efforts in following weeks.

Please SHARE with friends so we can have as many people vote as possible.

By the way the order of names is “randomized”  so as to take away the perceived advantage of being listed first, or the tyranny of the alphabet. As well you should know that I will not know how you vote.

And a second poll…What are the Issues?, What issues are most important to you?, What issues should candidates address?

feel free to add other options, and make comments

And again SHARE with friends. Having many people complete this will send a message to the candidates about what interests the Citizens of the City

Thanks. I will share results in a few days.