Nominations, Some Advice plus two more…

by David Biltek

Nominations Closed to near record slate

No surprises for Mayor: putting their names forward for Mayor are

Gladys Blackmore

and incumbent Bill Given

and only one surprise name in the race for Council:  Jun Bibangco 

Seeking Councillor seats are (* represents incumbent):

Jun Bibangco
• Jeff Campbell
• Jackie Clayton
• John Croken*
• Jared Gossen,

• Dwight Logan
• Kim MacDougall,
• Miriam Mahnic  Www.mahnic.ca
• Kevin McLean*
• Justin Munroe*
• Kevin P. O’Toole*
• Lorne Radbourne*
• Helen Rice*
• Erin Michelle Steidel
• Rory Tarant
• Chris Thiessen  http://www.electchristhiessen.com

I was not able to obain all contact information for every candidate, posted what was provided to me or what I could find. If you have more information please provide it to me.

Councillors Dan Wong and Alex Gustafson are not seeking re-election.

The slate of candidates for council positions matches the second most ever. There were also 16 in 2007 and 1986. Seventeen was the most ever in 1983.

And they are off…in a cloud of lawn signs , and a hearty heigh ho….yawn…!

Now don’t get me wrong, the candidates are busy erecting signs, knocking on doors, designing brochures, re erecting signs, posting on facebook, and having a jolly good time, but for us the citizens, or observers not much is happening. no major issues, no direct attacks, no controversies, no policy announcements, no missteps…at least no yet. And all of this is NOT good for the challengers. A boring election campaign with NO DEFINING ISSUES may result is a low turnout, maybe even lower than usual.  Challengers NEED a high turnout, they need NEW voters to come out and vote for them, otherwise the same old, same old, will vote for the same old, same old.   Or maybe a candidate will actually propose something unique, something different, something controversial…maybe. and maybe that will happen at one of the two new  additional Forums. being rumoured. This election could use them.

Any Speaking of Boring…

The community Living Community Committee is recommending to City Council that the Council participate in the Pilot Youth/Young Adult Engagement Audit project being proposed by Apathy is Boring.

“The purpose of the audit/study will be to allow the City to fully realize available opportunities to increase youth participation in the electoral  process, and to identify any challenges or current impediments to civic participation of young adults living in Grande Prairie.”

Frankly I do not thin it will add much to the knowledge that already exists about youth voting , and why they do not vote, but it is only $25,000 and it will employ some political science students or graduates and that is always a good thing.

Some Advice for the Candidates …

” The first thing you need to know when you enter politics is why you’re doing it. You’d be surprised at how many people go into politics without being able to offer anyone a convincing reason why.”

                                                                                                                        Michael Ignatieff, from his new book: Fire and Ashes

A follow up to:  The Time has Come to Talk of many things, of Seals, and trees and Redford and Bardot

They just can’t help themselves…today Alison Redford announced that she is sending two of her Ministers to Europe in an effort to prevent the European Union from passing a resolution that would severely impact oil sands and the reputation of the oil sands, Alberta, and Canada. Despite their statements about science based decisions, and wanting to have a lower carbon footprint, until they take specific and direct actions, they will continue to face these actions and ruin our reputation.  For the full story:  Ministers Euro Bound

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And some good news for the Downtown:

The Acropolis will re open under OLD MANAGEMENT….yes Stelios will once again be his usual warm host at the Acropolis. Reopens Thursday September 26. And Dukes will close October 12th and will reopen as a SAWMILL after substantial renovations in late spring 2014. This is great news for the Downtown and for both establishments.