A Council Colleague Remembered, and some news…

by David Biltek

First a tribute to an old colleague on City Council: Ernie Radbourne who passed away earlier this week. I served with Ernie for some time in the 1980’s and although we did not always see eye to eye on every issue, I always respected his work, his dedication to the community and his sincerity. He has left a great legacy and should serve as a fine example of what a Councillor can do and be. I will always remember in particular and we should all admire his hard work and leadership on developing Muskoseepi Park, now and in the past the most used and respected recreation “facility” in our City.

and now for some news, rumours and comments about the present election:

Yad Minhas…still rumours he may run although one “insider” suggests there is only a 40% chance he will run.

Bill Given posted a video on Why Vision is important and also posted his vision for the City: Video  and his Vision. Both candidates for Mayor, Blackmore and Given, are using social media, especially the videos well…and it adds a whole new dimension to the campaign. Keep them coming.

SIGNS are popping up all over and although they in themselves do not win votes they do serve as an ongoing reminder of candidates. A local marketing expert, Kevin Hilgers, suggested that the best sign in the campaign belongs to Kim MacDougall. signs by McLean are simple but do the job very well…Given has not at this point put up any signs, while Blackmore has several large format signs, but the smallest type on her signs is her name…while Chris Thiessen  has the most “artful” but  most difficult signs to decipher…okay enough on signs…a necessity but a little boring.

Door knocking…not boring, hard work, a great way to lose weight and get and stay fit…is happening with many candidates and i am hearing good things about Rory Tarant at the doors…Gladys Blackmore is out day and night working the doors, as is Kim MacDougall.

Events: I have been trying to attend as many election events as possible to keep abreast of what is happening in the campaigns…last week i attended Kevin MacLean’s launch, a BBQ at Safety City attended by several hundred people…and last week and again this week, Bill Given conducted coffee parties at Laurels (location) on Thursday’s at 10AM, apparently this is to be a weekly event during the campaign….

Important Dates:

September 23rd: nomination date….all nominations must be into the returning officer before 12 noon

October 11, 12, 18, 19: Advance polls….you may vote on these days

October 21st   Election Day

more soon….any comments?, rumours to share?…candidates please share your news