More Candidates, More Rumours…

by David Biltek

Well this is shaping up to be quite the election and there are some very interesting themes, but first to the news and rumours:

Miriam Mahnic announced on Thursday she is seeking a seat on City Council committing herself to a Grande Prairie that has an Exceptional Quality of Life, a prosperous Economy, and a Sustainable Future. More may be found at: or

Lorne Radbourne has also announced his run for another term.

and now for the rumours…Jackie Clayton…persistent and seemingly accurate talk suggests that Jackie Clayton,  former Chamber President, and community activist, will announce her candidacy in the next few weeks. If she runs she will be a formidable actor on the election scene.

Yad Minhas…?…yes Yad Minhas is rumoured to be considering another run for Council. Yad is a  prosperous businessman in Grande Prairie with holdings here and throughout Alberta and BC. He was elected to Council 6 years ago and decided not to seek re election in 2010. He also would be a “contender” in the race if he decides to run.

Justin Munroe….sounds like he has decided to seek re election but has NOT yet announced. Justin would be looking for his second term on City Council.

And another speculation; there is some evidence that throughout Alberta the Wildrose Party is running candidates in municipal elections. Not running them under their banner, but the speculation goes that Wildrose people are encouraging, managing and raising money for their candidates in the municipal elections. Why? Well for two reasons the rumour has it: First to use the elections as a “training ground” for the next provincial election to be held in 2015, and the second reason is to gain some control on Councils so as to change the “channel” , again this is speculation I am hearing from people in Red Deer, St Albert and even here in Grande Prairie.

So announced we have:

Lorne Radbourne, Kevin O’Toole, John Croken, Helen Rice, Miriam Mahnic, Rory Tarant, Chris Thiessen, Erin Steidel, Jared Gossen, Dwight Logan and Kim MacDougall
and rumoured Jackie Clayton, Justin Munroe, Yad Minhas and Kevin Mclean.
and for Mayor still only Bill Given and Gladys Blackmore.
The Themes?
Could this be the Year of the Woman?…I have no records but I do not recall this many women running for City Council.
And second theme, is this a turning of generations? Again there are many younger people running and for a community that is young (average age about 29) this might be a good thing.

So what do you think?…younger Councillors?, More women? and what do you think about the possibility of the Wildrose party running candidates in the Council elections?

anyone else running?