Taxes?, No Issue!

by David Biltek

You would think based on coffee shop talk, and facebook chatter that taxes would be the BIG issue of the next municipal election, but the poll of our sophisticated, knowledgeable readers says no so, Downtown Redevelopment is the number one concern. Today however i would like to talk about taxes a little…well actually not so much me but I would like to share the following from Dean Radbourne:

“Dear potential city councilors/mayor, you will not lower my taxes. If you tell me you can, I will know you are lying/uneducated. I say, it costs me less than $20 for my family of 4 to live in this awesome city. If you need 5 more bucks a day from me to hire more RCMP (cause we actually pay for ours, unlike the County), count me in.”

Dean was quick to add that he does not dislike the County or its residents, he likes them, actually some of his best friends are from the County.

Dean makes a good point…$20.00/day…Dean must have a higher assessed house, my calculation for our house is about $9.00/day, for ONLY the Municipal taxes (if you do your own calculation make sure it is just for the Municipal taxes and does not include the school taxes). I have used this analogy before…$9.00/day for my wife and i to have police and fire services and street lighting….for just those three it is a value; not to mention parks, support to community groups such as the Art Gallery, Library, Live Theatre as well as many, many sports groups, arena, pools, and despite how poor you think it may be: snow removal.
And just one more factoid about City taxes to consider…yes County taxes are less, but did you know they do not pay much for police services? RCMP Services to the City costs just under $12,000,000 a year, while the County pays about $400,000 with the Province picking up the balance. As a City resident the cost for police services is about $700/household.

Alex Gustafson has announced he will NOT be seeking a seat on City Council, wanting to spend more time with family. Good for you Alex and thank you for your service.
John Croken, no surprise here, WILL run for Council again this year
Justin Munroe: still no news and as one “wag” has said, if it takes this long to make a decision, maybe the universe is saying something. One existing member of Council says they would regret his decision not to run, saying Justin was always there and supportive.

Do you have any news to share, or rumours? I used to belong to a group on Parliament Hill that met for lunch daily. If we had no rumours to share we created one…so get creative…and share those rumours, comments, and news.