Municipal Election….what’s Happening?

by David Biltek

Rory Tarant launched his campaign on Thursday August 8th to an enthusiastic crowd of well wishers and supporters.

His themes are:

            Financial transparency


            Better relationship with the County

Rory should know about transparency. He worked as an Intern for the City of Grande Prairie for one year and was involved in a variety of projects and policy developments. He spoke passionately about all three topics but especially livability. Rory looks like a fellow who will work hard for this, he has some experience in student politics here at the GPRC and in Lethbridge University. He could be a “contender”

Another contender could be Miriam Mahnic who is set to announce her candidacy this week. Miriam is passionate about process, policy development and unlike many past candidates understands the role of Council in setting direction and policy development. She works for the provincial

Dwight Logan has been busy plotting campaign strategy with his able and experienced campaign manager.

ABOUT SLATES…only one person thought they may be a good idea, while most people from the poll and comments received were opposed, because it would result in Councillors would be or feel responsible or beholding to the “slate” and not the citizenry. However some people would like to know more…and we may well hear more as it appears there MAY be a small group of candidates working together, not necessarily a formal slate maybe just cooperation. Do you know anything about this?

We have heard little about issues, especially from the candidates for Mayor who set the tone and themes of most city elections, so in the spirit of helping them out, what do you think are or should be the issues of the campaign?
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