Where have all The leaders Gone?

by David Biltek

That was the question put to me yesterday by one of the readers of this nascent blog. “Where” she said ” have all the business leaders and community leaders gone?” Why are they not running for council.”

Now this woman who asked this question is in fact on of the putative leaders of this city, someone who has served this community in a variety of ways, consistently for many years and from whose work we have benefitted. I listened in silence for some time and when she finished with her minor rant (she is not prone to rants because she just does stuff), stopped and I said at the same time as she said…” I Know I should run!” although I said YOU should run

Yes…she should, I have asked her before but she has always declined…

My good and long suffering wife ( better known as She Whose Name Must Only be Mentioned in Prayer) has always quoted her father ( a doctor) by saying:

You get the kind of patients you deserve.

and I have borrowed that and have said many times to my non – voting – ever – complaining – friends:


If you do not vote, if you do not question candidates, if you do not work on campaigns, if you do not call candidates and councillors and press your views on them…well what can you expect.

So if you are unhappy with the current flock of candidates, or councillors…look in the mirror.

Errata and rumours…

First my apologies to KEVIN O’Toole, I mistakenly called him Bill and although I have not seen an official announcement, I understand he was to announce his bid for re election today.





and a rumour…it was suggested by an insider spy ay city hall that Emilia Hovorka was going to run for council. I tracked her down in Edmonton this week and she is definitely NOT running although she said she loves GP but does not have the time given her new venture: The GP SmartGuide
and we hear that Justin Munroe will announce his intentions this weekend