Who Is Running for City Council in Grande Prairie?

by David Biltek

Following is a list of candidates for City Council, some of whom are confirmed, some based on speculation and some based on rumour….here goes:


       Bill Given, the incumbent

       Gladys Blackmore, ran three years ago, placing third behind Given and Dwight            Logan


           New comers, i.e. people who are presently not on Council

              Erin Steidel, ran three years ago; hopes to ” represent young mums on                              Council”

             Kim MacDougall, sees taxes as major issue

             Chris Thiessen, ran three years ago placed ninth, just out of running, involved              with music in GP

             Miriam Mahnic

             Rory Tarant… rumour?

             Jared Gossen, worked with Wapiti Dorm and HIV North

             Jeff Campbell, rumour

             Dwight Logan, former Mayor, served on Council, substantial background in                    community


             Alec Gustafson, not announced but speculation strong he will run again

             Lorne Radbourne, not announced but speculation strong he will run again

             Bill O’Toole, again not announced

              Justin Munroe, again not announced but feelings are 50/50 about running                   again

              John Croken, again no confirmation but a perennial candidate, will likely run                 again

              Helen Rice, longest serving member of Council and may be one of longest                     serving Councillors in Alberta

              Kevin McLean, will likely announce this week

Dan Wong is not running again, a shame, he is a good Councillor

so that is list based on speculation, rumour or confirmation.

Have you heard of anyone else?…share it here or email me…