Why and Who?…are the Most Important Questions in an Election

by David Biltek

Who are you and why should we vote for you. These are the essential questions a candidate must answer in ANY election.

In the upcoming municipal elections in Grande Prairie  we have several new candidates and they all need to answer these questions. Some of these people are new to Municipal Politics and of course there are some veterans running., but they all need to answer these questions.

Some candidates seem to believe that it is all name recognition and have made a fuss at recent City Council meetings that passed new bylaws limiting signage for elections. they suggested that the signs were necessary for “name recognition”. Frankly the signage does help, but it does NOT answer the above questions, at best it MAY , if the sign is done right raise in a voters mind the above questions, Who is this person and WHY should I vote for them.

The candidates need to speak to us, they need to call on us, knock on doors, come by businesses for coffee, post on facebook, tweet, write blogs, develop a following and tell us who and why.

They need to take positions on issues of the day, they may need to create issues or raise issues that they discover by engaging voters.  We as voters need to see how they think, what they believe, so we may determine if they fill the bill, can get the job done as we define that. Of course they as candidates have the ability to define the job, to set the issues…and in many elections some candidates do just that, they set the issues that are suitable to them, and if their opponents do not respond, the field is open.

The candidates should not fear expressing themselves and how they view issues in this city. I recall when I first ran in the early 1980’s a senior businessman who I had only met briefly but who I knew to be a keen participant of life in this City called me to say they he disagreed with much of what I had said, but he was going to vote for me because I least I had said something!  It was a great lesson.

so candidates let us hear you, let us see , at our businesses, at the forums, on social media , on the phones, and maybe even In person at the doors.

This October 21st citizens throughout Alberta will be electing Mayors and Municipal counsellors who will hold office for FOUR years. recent changes to the Municipal Government act will now see people elected for four years.